It was a pleasure...

Nearly six years after we started the magnificent journey with you, we've have decided with a heavy heart to discontinue the operation of the app.  

However, being entrepreneurs we have to act within the given economic circumstances and will therefore chose a path that takes us away from the development of apps.

Thank you and keep on skiing!

Shutdown FAQ

Why can’t I use MAPtoSNOW anymore and what does this mean to me individually? 
Our app will not run anymore after 31 August 2017. Some decisive functions of MAPtoSNOW will be turned off, which will mean that you cannot use it properly anymore. From this date on, there will be no challenges, quests, adventures etc. in the app.

Sorry to hear, that you’re quitting! May I know the reasons? 
As you know, our apps have always been free for our users. Being entrepreneurs, we have to evaluate our situation realistically and will therefore not continue to develop outdoor appsI did some cool tours using MAPtoSNOW.

Will I get support after the shutdown of the app? 
Our support team can be contacted via until 31 October 2017 in case of urgent matters. After this date, will cannot guarantee for comprehensive support.

Will there be a newer version of MAPtoSNOW one day? 
One day, we might develop a newer version of MAPtoSNOW. At the moment, we do however not have any plans for this scenario. Be sure that we keep you updated, if this might happen.

What happens with the coupons that I did not use so far? 
The coupons for local companies that you won until 30 April 2017, are not valid in Winter 2017/2018. This only applies to digital vouchers IN the app. Gifts sucht as a day ticket from your favorite ski resort depend on the respective terms.

Will there be further newsletters after the app is shut down? 
No, we will not send any newsletters after the shutdown of the app.

Will the app be deleted automatically from my phone? 
No, we cannot delete any apps from your phone. Please delete the app yourself.

What happens to my account? 
Your account will be deleted in case we definitely decide to shut down the entire system and not to retake on app development again.
In case you want to delete your account, you can do that directly in the app.
To delete it, please take the follow steps: open the menu, click on settings, click on “my account” and click on “delete account”. Please note: you only have ONE account for MAPtoHIKE, MAPtoBIKE and MAPtoSNOW.
Important note for you: we do not give away your data, neither do we sell it to third parties!